What is a Utility Bill Audit?

It’s clear that utilities are often one of a company’s top operating expenses, and understanding the bills can be frustrating and intimidating. Tenurgy has a solution to help, and it’s pretty simple…a utility billing audit. To many people, the word audit immediately brings to mind a tedious, time-consuming project. Fortunately, Tenurgy, a Michigan-based utility and telecom expense management firm, has taken the headache out of our audit/review process. 

Tenurgy’s process includes a review of an organization’s utility invoices: electric, gas, water/sewer, waste, and telecommunications. Our auditors gather historical billing data and re-calculate the invoices using the rates, tariffs, riders and contracts.  It is through this process that refunds and savings opportunities are identified.

Why go through a utility audit?

  • The Tenurgy team includes certified auditors who specialize in finding errors and saving money.
  • Our auditors have experience in negotiating effectively with utility providers, because they work with multiple contracts everyday, providing a better understanding of the market.
  • These long-standing utility provider relationships enable Tenurgy to expeditiously document issues for a quicker understanding of a company’s utility profile.

The easy audit process often produces substantial refund and savings opportunities.  And for the few who don’t realize savings, they get peace of mind knowing that their accounts are billing correctly and they are not being overcharged.

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