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Disclaimer: Savings is estimated and not guaranteed. Tenurgy can only provide an accurate estimate of savings by performing the utility bill review.

Chassix, Inc.

Several savings and refund opportunities were identified to the tune of $500,000

Chesapeake Spice

Today Chesapeake Spice is realizing thousands of dollars of savings a month.

Henry Ford College

Henry Ford College is saving over $50,000 annually.

Delta Dental of Michigan

The partnership uncovered a $450,000 billing error and a savings of 30% on telecommunications.

Shape Corp

Today, Shape Corp saves roughly $150,000 a year by following Tenurgy’s recommendations.

Ford Field

Ford Field has been receiving the benefits of Tenurgy’s efforts in the amount of $100,000 or more annually.

Lapeer County Medical Care Facility

As a result, Tenurgy was able to secure a refund of over $100,000 and Lapeer County Medical Care Facility is now saving $7,000/month due to the correction.

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