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Tenurgy is a Michigan-based telecom and utility expense management firm with the ability to audit nationwide. Our company can help any business with significant expenses for utilities and/or telecommunications, including natural gas, propane, electricity, deregulated gas or electric programs, water and sewer, trash removal, and all aspects of voice and data, including cellular and internet access. We help companies do more by spending less.

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Billing Error Identification

Tenurgy experts collect billing data, confirm the accuracy and identify available savings.

Overpayment Recovery

Tenurgy experts handle the expeditious recovery of overpayments via credits or refunds.

Invoice Confirmation

Confirmation that invoices reflect facilities and services utilized.

Improved Cost Visibility

The goal is improved cost visibility, decision-making, and purchasing power for your business or nonprofit.

Vendor Analysis

Tenurgy analyzes vendors, reviews contracts, and negotiates with current arrangements for the best rates.

Rate Audit & Tariff Research

Tenurgy does a deep-dive scrub of contract language, rules, regulations, and tariffs.

Our team of experts

Tenurgy is built by industry professionals, including analysts, accountants, and lawyers. Our experts work with your team to optimize your utility bills and bring money back in the door.

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