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Our audit covers all your utility expenses

Whether you have a farm, farm facilities, greenhouses, wells, labor housing, or processing plants Tenurgy can save your business money on natural gas, electric, waste/water, and telecommunications.

Our Audit Covers

During our initial introduction, we learn more about your business and discuss how our auditing experience has helped similar companies. If the audit makes sense, we will move forward with a Consulting Service Agreement and Letter of Authorization. We also require one month of utility bills, and then the process of finding your savings and refunds begins!


  • 90% of audits result in significant savings
  • Monitoring your rates is free of charge
  • Use the unexpected savings to reinvest in your company

Savings & Refunds

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Our Process Is Simple


The Letter of Authorization is used to gather account information, review your billing history, and evaluate usage information.


Our team further evaluates the billing data, verifies the charges, and investigates each line item on your invoices.


Once the analysis is complete, you are provided with a detailed report highlighting the savings and refund opportunities.


Savings and refunds are in your hands – you are given a portfolio of options, implementation is at your discretion.

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Utilities are a top operating expense. Tenurgy scrutinizes utility bills to help companies save money. We have made it our business to ensure our customers receive the most competitive pricing options, optimize rate structures, and spend less on energy costs.