We have provided over $10 Million in refunds and savings to Manufacturing companies

We have worked with manufacturing companies nationwide to lower their electricity and natural gas utility costs. Since there are no upfront costs for our services and nothing is mandated, that means with Tenurgy there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Natural Gas
Success Story


Tenurgy performed a full service audit of all of the utility bills identifying several opportunities to improve their bottom line by over $500,000.

  • Refunds $350,000 (multiple location, multi state audit, billing errors)
  • Electric Savings $150,000 (billing error, lower rates, rate optimization)
  • Water Savings $11,000 (retrofit)

Their Story

Risk-Free Program

Getting started is simple

We work with your team to optimize your utility bills and bring money back in the door.



The Letter of Authorization is used to gather account information, review your billing history, and evaluate usage information.



Our team further evaluates the billing data, verifies the charges, and investigates each line item on your invoices.



Once the analysis is complete, you are provided with a detailed report highlighting the savings and refund opportunities.



Savings and refunds are in your hands – you are given a portfolio of options, implementation is at your discretion.

Our Testmonials

What Our Clients Say

Polyply Composites
I would certainly recommend the services of Tenurgy to any company in a Manufacturing or Industrial Processing business. Tenurgy’s Zero Risk Factor™ utility bill analysis has Polyply Composites on track to save approximately $30,000 annually. Having Tenurgy perform a utility bill audit allowed us to implement cost reductions in certain areas as well as confirm we are being invoiced accurately and competitively in others. READ MORE...
C&S Machines
C&S Machine Products is a leading contract manufacturer specializing in ultra-precision components...Tenurgy’s process required minimal effort from the C&S team and identified significant opportunities for savings. Over the last eight months, C&S has saved over $40,000 in utility costs and will continue to see annual savings. Both the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and Tenurgy were fantastic to work with, and we are grateful for their partnership.  READ MORE...
DeWys Manufacturing
The best part about Tenurgy is the audit didn’t require any upfront cost, and in fact it didn’t cost us anything at all. Tenurgy provided us with a detailed report confirming that we were utilizing cost cutting strategies and actively managing cost reduction methods as part of our Lean Manufacturing processes. Since the audit was performed remotely with very little time or effort on our end, this service was an even greater value and provided the peace of mind we were looking for in terms of our utility billings. READ MORE...
Mann + Hummel
Non Production Materials Category Manager/Purchasing
By using one month of utility bills and a letter of authorization, Tenurgy was able to pull all the necessary data and begin analyzing our utility bills. At the end of the review, Tenurgy provided us an in-depth and thorough report showing the current state of our utilities plus cost saving options to explore. They were able to help implement the savings opportunities and put Mann+Hummel on pace to save over $350,000 annually. READ MORE...

How Much Can We Save Your Manufacturing Facility?

Tenurgy is a Michigan-based telecom and utility expense management firm with the ability to audit nationwide. Our company can help any business with significant utilities and telecom expenses, including natural gas, propane, electricity, deregulated gas or electric programs, water and sewer, trash removal and voice and data.

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