We have provided over $10 Million in refunds and savings to Manufacturing companies

We have worked with manufacturing companies nationwide to lower their electricity and natural gas utility costs. Since there are no upfront costs for our services and nothing is mandated, that means with Tenurgy there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Natural Gas
Success Story


Tenurgy performed a full service audit of all of the utility bills identifying several opportunities to improve their bottom line by over $500,000.

  • Refunds $350,000 (multiple location, multi state audit, billing errors)
  • Electric Savings $150,000 (billing error, lower rates, rate optimization)
  • Water Savings $11,000 (retrofit)

Their Story

Risk-Free Program

Getting started is simple

We work with your team to optimize your utility bills and bring money back in the door.



The Letter of Authorization is used to gather account information, review your billing history, and evaluate usage information.



Our team further evaluates the billing data, verifies the charges, and investigates each line item on your invoices.



Once the analysis is complete, you are provided with a detailed report highlighting the savings and refund opportunities.



Savings and refunds are in your hands – you are given a portfolio of options, implementation is at your discretion.

Our Testmonials

What Our Clients Say

Pleasant View
Once we submitted all the necessary documents, Tenurgy did the rest and provided a detailed summary with their findings. They were able to find Pleasant View Shiawassee County Medical Care Facility over $30,000 in annual savings and walked us through implementing each of the savings. On top of the review, Tenurgy has also been there for any additional questions we’ve had regarding our accounts. Overall, we have had a great experience and highly recommend Tenurgy to anyone interested in a utility review. READ MORE...
Michigan Chamber
Former Senior Director, Business Solutions
We began a partnership with Tenurgy in 2013 after first utilizing their service. After realizing savings ourselves, we saw a huge opportunity to bring this type of service to other businesses here in Michigan. We found value in focusing strictly on billing analysis and capitalizing on Tenurgy’s ability to communicate and negotiate with multiple utility companies. They bring distinctive expertise in uncovering billing errors for immediate savings opportunities, while discovering, negotiating and recovering past overpayments. READ MORE...
Delta Dental
Senior Vice President
I would highly recommend the services that Tenurgy provides in the area of utility savings and refunds. I first became aware of Tenurgy’s program though the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, who opened the door to this partnership in savings...To our pleasant surprise, over $450,000 in utility refunds were discovered and delivered. We are now learning of over 30% savings in our telecommunications services moving forward. READ MORE...
Ford Field
Director of Facilities
Over the past few years, Ford Field has implemented several utility rebate programs in an effort to reduce electric and natural gas consumption. These initiatives have helped us to control the utility costs for our stadium and become more energy efficient. We are confident the programs implemented have helped to reduce our energy usage as well as overall expenses. With many of those measures already in place, there was no risk in allowing Tenurgy to review our utility invoices for additional savings and refund opportunities. READ MORE...

How Much Can We Save Your Manufacturing Facility?

Tenurgy is a Michigan-based telecom and utility expense management firm with the ability to audit nationwide. Our company can help any business with significant utilities and telecom expenses, including natural gas, propane, electricity, deregulated gas or electric programs, water and sewer, trash removal and voice and data.

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