Utility Bill Auditing

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What Do We Do?

We all know that utilities are a top operating expense. Tenurgy scrutinizes utility bills to help companies save money. It’s that simple.

What Do We Analyze?

Gas, electric, telecom, water, sewer and waste.

Utility Bill Auditing

What Could We Find?

Billing errors, estimated and inaccurate meter readings, tariffs, usage data and inconsistencies, contract revisions, and obscure discrepancies.

What’s The Result?

9 out of 10 clients save. Many receive refunds.

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One of the benefits of Tenurgy, even more so today, is that we were able to work through and complete the audit remotely.

Mann + Hummel

Mann + Hummel saved roughly $350,000 by following Tenurgy’s recommendations.

Car-graph inc.

Tenurgy identified a $50,000 refund along with tens of thousands in annual savings in the years to come. 

How We Work With You

During our initial Utility Bill Auditing introduction, we learn more about your business and discuss how our auditing experience has helped similar companies. If the audit makes sense, we will move forward with a Consulting Service Agreement and Letter of Authorization. We also require one month of utility bills, and then the process of finding your savings and refunds begins!

✅90% of audits result in significant savings
✅Monitoring your bills is free of charge
✅Use the unexpected savings to reinvest in your company.

Is Utility Bill Auditing worth it?

It’s pretty simple; utilities are one of a company’s TOP operating expenses. Between inflation and the pandemic, budgets are being scrutinized. Watching every dollar has become more and more critical.

Thousands of companies in various industries are realizing savings on their utilities. Join the growing list of companies — contact Tenurgy to start your utility bill auditing today. There are no upfront costs, little staff time is needed, and the audit is completed off-site. 

zero risk. hassle-free.

Start Saving with Tenurgy Today.