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Utilities are one of a company’s top operating expenses, and unfortunately, 4 out of 5 commercial or industrial companies are over-billed by a utility at some point. Utility companies don’t intentionally overbill their customers, but errors occur because of meter changes, multiple tariffs, thousands of invoices, and accuracy of inventory and consumption. These systemic, chronic-type billing problems exist all over the place, and significant savings can be generated by carefully managing utility expenses.

Michael Harrington, CEO and founder of Tenurgy was working in Chicago for Ameritech after graduating from Michigan State University and saw firsthand these types of billing errors and what could be done about them to save money for customers. This was when he had the idea to start Tenurgy. Still, before launching the company and moving home to Petoskey, Michigan, he worked for a Michigan firm to learn more about the gas, electric, water, and sewer industries.

After moving home, Harrington officially turned his idea into a reality to help companies with significant utilities save millions. From financial analyst and project accountant to business owner, Michael Harrington and his team of utility auditing experts help identify billing errors for companies nationwide. 

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Services We Offer

Billing Error Identification

Tenurgy experts collect billing data, confirm the accuracy and identify available savings.

Overpayment Recovery

Tenurgy experts handle the expeditious recovery of overpayments via credits or refunds.

Invoice Confirmation

Confirmation that invoices reflect facilities and services utilized.

Improved Cost Visibility

The goal is improved cost visibility, decision-making, and purchasing power for your business or nonprofit.

Vendor Analysis

Tenurgy analyzes vendors, reviews contracts, and negotiates with current contracts for the best rates.

Rate Audit & Tariff Research

Tenurgy does a deep-dive scrub of contract language, rules, regulations, and tariffs.

Our team of experts

Tenurgy is built by industry professionals, including analysts, accountants, and lawyers. Our experts work with your team to optimize your utility bills and bring money back in the door.

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