A fair amount of money could be leaking out of your budget every month, unknowingly. Many companies today do not verify the accuracy of their invoicing or identify unnecessary charges. Tenurgy can help tap into savings and refunds by performing a water/sewer audit today.

Our Audit Covers

  • Validating Services
  • Billing Accuracy
  • Rate analysis
  • Identifying unnecessary charges

Savings & Refunds

Below is an example of where your savings and refunds may come from after we complete our Energy Bill Audit.


  Roughly 39% of the total water - sewer savings presented will likely come from a correction or adjustment to the monthly billings.


  On average, 61% of the savings presented result in a water-sewer refund.

Our Process Is Simple


The Letter of Authorization is used to gather account information, review your billing history, and evaluate usage information.


Our team further evaluates the billing data, verifies the charges, and investigates each line item on your invoices.


Once the analysis is complete, you are provided with a detailed report highlighting the savings and refund opportunities.


Savings and refunds are in your hands – you are given a portfolio of options, implementation is at your discretion.

Schedule Your 15 Minute Consultation

During our initial introduction we learn more about your business and discuss how our auditing experience has helped similar companies. If the audit makes sense, we will move forward with a Consulting Service Agreement and Letter of Authorization.