Letter of Recommendation: DeWys Manufacturing

To whom it may concern:

DeWys Manufacturing is a full-service metal fabrication company based out of West Michigan. We take great pride in our Lean Manufacturing as well as our ability to provide individualized solutions for our customers.

When DeWys Manufacturing was looking to have a utility audit performed, we turned to the Michigan Chamber’s Business Solutions to look for a trusted company. The best part about Tenurgy is the audit didn’t require any upfront cost, and in fact it didn’t cost us anything at all.

Tenurgy provided us with a detailed report confirming that we were utilizing cost cutting strategies and actively managing cost reduction methods as part of our Lean Manufacturing processes.

Since the audit was performed remotely with very little time or effort on our end, this service was an even greater value and provided the peace of mind we were looking for in terms of our utility billings.

We highly recommend their services and value their on going commitment to provide utility related services as needed.

Mark Schoenborn