Tenurgy + Utility Audit = Peace of Mind

It’s clear, utilities are one of a company’s top three operating expenses. Everyone understands the importance of paying these expenses each month and a few possibly take the time to compare their invoices to the previous year’s usage. How many people and businesses actually spend a moment to critically look at each and every charge? Or, understand the verbiage explaining these expenses?

Tenurgy’s service and expertise with providing a comprehensive utility audit has accounted for 90% of clients receiving refunds and annual savings. For the majority of their clients, this can result in tens of thousands of dollars.

What does Tenurgy offer the roughly 10% of clients that do not realize refunds and savings during the audit period? PEACE OF MIND. Just ask Scott Moore, Superintendent of Oscoda Area Schools. Moore notes, “After an in-depth analysis, Tenurgy found no significant savings or refunds were available to the district at the present time. It was reassuring to confirm the fact that our business office is in tune with the discounts and programs available to school districts.”

Who wouldn’t like some reassurance or peace of mind with little hassle or time commitment, plus the possibility of great savings? And, with a Tenurgy relationship, these clients can still receive utility bill monitoring at no charge for three full years.

Adds Moore, “Oscoda Area Schools plans to continue to work with Tenurgy to monitor our utility and telecommunication accounts and make recommendations for any future savings.”


Why Tenurgy?

  • “It’s risk free. You will never pay a dime for the service unless you have first realized savings, so nothing will ever come out of pocket.” Lindsay Fulton, Michigan Chamber Services
  • “Almost 90% of this work was done over the phone with very little time on our end, and significantly reduced our budget for the next 36 months.” Vicky Wille, AG Business Solutions
  • “Our business involves many utility accounts and is extremely difficult to monitor all monthly billings for accuracy. The analysis was executed with very little involvement from our staff which allowed us to remain focused on our clients.” Tom Binder, Chief Financial Officer, LaBelle Management

Start saving with Tenurgy. Or, at least sleeping well at night knowing that your company is running smoothly, efficiently and saving you as much money as possible. It starts with a simple call. And, it’s worth it.


Go to Savings and Refunds to preview an estimate of how much your company can save with a risk-free audit.

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