Tenurgy + Utility Audit = Peace of Mind

It’s clear, utilities are one of a company’s top operating expenses. Yet, few take the time to do more than compare their invoices to the previous month’s or previous year’s usage. 

Tenurgy’s business MRI scrutinizes each line item on the bills and has resulted in 90% of clients receiving refunds and annual savings. For the majority of our clients, this can result in tens of thousands of dollars.

For the clients that do not realize refunds and savings during the audit, they get PEACE OF MIND knowing they haven’t been overpaying for utilities! 

Just ask Scott Moore, Superintendent of Oscoda Area Schools. Moore notes, “After an in-depth analysis, Tenurgy found no significant savings or refunds were available to the district at the present time. It was reassuring to confirm the fact that our business office is in tune with the discounts and programs available to school districts.”

The reassurance or peace of mind, combined with the possibility of great savings, makes for winning results no matter the outcome. 

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