Prepared for Winter Expenses?

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful,” may perfectly describe this time of year. But, utility bills shouldn’t have the same stigma.

It’s no secret that utility usage rises during the colder months. For most businesses, winter means an increase in heating expenses. Plus, estimated vs actual billing, potential human error, price hikes, address errors, and faulty meters all add unexpected costs.

Wouldn’t it be prudent to prepare now for Mother Nature’s chill and natural gas usage increases? Ask yourself three simple questions:

  1. Is your company purchasing gas from the utility or a supplier? Is the supplier billing less than the utility?
  2. Does the natural gas rate match the amount of gas consumed?
  3. Are there estimated meter readings on your bill?

Whether you are a manufacturing plant, food processing facility, school system, healthcare provider, or municipality, Tenurgy takes the fright out of utility bills. If you answered “yes” to any of the questions or were not sure, Tenurgy can help. Put a plan in place to ensure that winter utility expenses are accurate. Simply call 1-844-836-8749 or estimate your potential savings online.

The Tenurgy three-step Operating Cost & Expense Reduction ReviewTM is a no-commitment, zero-risk way to uncover utility savings and refund opportunities.

Tenurgy‘s hassle-free audit involves very little time, NO business interruption, and NO out-of-pocket expense — all likely to provide for a warmer winter outlook. And, the entire process only takes 6 – 8 weeks.

90% of Tenurgy clients realize savings following a comprehensive utility analysis. Should your company be part this success?

Ready to start saving? Join the growing list of Tenurgy success stories.

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