In the past 10 years, over 200 school districts have realized $100,000s in annual utility savings. Were you one of them?
If not, join this growing list of schools with annual utility, telecommunications, and waste/water savings.

Proven Success

  • Detroit Country Day School
    “One of the benefits of Tenurgy, even more so today, is they were able to work through and complete the audit remotely. To our pleasant surprise, Detroit Country Day School is in line to save over $120,000 annually between our electric, natural gas and telecommunications accounts,” shares Patricia Brand | Chief Financial Officer
  • Kentwood Public Schools
    Tenurgy was prompt with their service and quick to gather historical data from our accounts. Within a few weeks, we were provided with a detailed summary of their findings. To our surprise, they were able to find us significant savings in our utility bills. Tenurgy assisted in all the necessary paperwork and we were able to start realizing the savings promptly on our next billing cycle. Tenurgy‘s extensive knowledge of utilities are great for any school or business that is looking to find savings or just wants confirmation that they aren’t being overcharged.” Michael Zoerhoff | Superintendent
  • Eastern Michigan University
    “With Tenurgy‘s assistance, Eastern Michigan quickly began realizing saving son our utilities and we are on track to save $300,000 to $350,000 annually. Tenurgy‘s audit produced a number of other ares, which we will be reviewing in the coming months adding another $100,000 or more in annual savings.” John Donegan | Vice President for Operations and Facilities
  • Holton Public Schools
    “After an in-depth analysis, Tenurgy found incorrect billing on our utility accounts which dated back over ten years. They worked with the utility company to get a refund for our district that totaled over $40,000. They also continue to monitor our accounts and make recommendations for future savings.” Kurt Jeffries | Facilities Director

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Calculate potential savings and refunds for your school. One district saved nearly $250,000.
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