Utility Bill vs. Energy Audit: What’s the Difference?

Many ask: What is the difference between UTILITY BILL vs ENERGY audits?

It’s really quite simple: EXPENSES vs CONSUMPTION:

  • An ENERGY AUDIT involves an assessment of energy needs and the efficiency of a company’s facilities to determine how the energy is being consumed on a regular basis. This may include an assessment of light bulb usage or review of programmable thermostat options, for example. Overall, this involves identifying energy-consuming equipment and pointing out areas where energy is being wasted. An ENERGY AUDIT is used to establish a benchmark of energy consumption. It’s an engineering approach used to focus on consumption, efficiency and the ways and means to reduce energy consumption. The process involves site visits, designated staff to assist, process adjustments, and possible usage changes.

  • A UTILITY BILL AUDIT is much different. It involves the review of a company’s monthly utility bills. Is the company getting the best price? Are they billed correctly or being overcharged? Are they getting the best rates possible? This operating cost and expense reduction review (utility bill audit) is an analysis of an organization’s utility invoices including electric, gas, water, sewer, waste, and even telecommunications. This is just the beginning of an audit, which may uncover over 30 additional but obscure discrepancies.

Why worry about either an Energy Audit or Utility Bill Audit? Combined together, both are likely going to save a company money in the long run. A Utility Bill Audit just doesn’t involve the time, manpower and business interruption that an energy audit involves.

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