What is a Utility Bill Audit?

A utility bill audit is a review of an organization’s utility invoices that include electric, gas, water/sewer, waste, and even telecommunications. Tenurgy will provide the expertise to look at all the factors that impact each of the charge on your invoices. These include receiving the best possible rate from the utility company, billing errors, erroneous meter readings, or even the possibility of billing for a wrong address. This is just the tip of the utility billing audit, which may uncover over 30 additional possible but obscure discrepancies.

Why go through a utility audit?

  • Peace of Mind – if no savings is identified and implemented nothing is owed to Tenurgy.
  • Tenurgy certified auditors specialize in finding errors and saving money.
  • Tenurgy has experience in effectively negotiating with utility providers and because they work with multiple contracts everyday, they have a better understanding of the market.
  • Long-standing utility provider relationships enable Tenurgy to expeditiously document issues for a quicker understanding of a company’s utility profile.

By signing an authorization letter and providing a one-month cycle of utility bills, the audit begins. And, in six to eight weeks, the possibility of savings will be apparent.

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