Tenurgy, a utility bill auditing firm for savings and refunds. with no risk.

Utility Bill Audit: The Tenurgy Zero Risk Factor

Wondering if your utilities are billing accurately? Overworked and short staffed? With ZERO RISK, leave analyzing top expenses — gas, electric, telecom, waste, water, sewer — to those who specialize in saving companies money.

Tenurgy is a utility auditing firm with nearly two decades of experience. Coupled with key utility relationships, scrutinizing invoices, rates and contracts means clients receive in-depth analysis from utility experts – it’s what Tenurgy does every day.

Significantly, the Tenurgy Zero Risk FactorTM means that there is absolutely no charge, no cost to initiate, and zero expense if extensive analysis does not uncover savings or refunds. Furthermore, the process is hassle-free:

  • NO business interruption
  • NO required site visits
  • LITTLE time to get started
  • NO expense unless savings are discovered

“That’s a promise,” shares Tenurgy President Michael Harrington. “Especially in this current business climate with the need to work remotely, our clients find additional value in turning this responsibility over to our professional auditing team. We take the headache out of utility worries with Zero Risk.”

Here’s what Tenurgy clients are saying:

  • “Tenurgy’s process required minimal effort from the C&S team and identified significant opportunities for savings. Over the last eight months, C&S has saved over $40,000 in utility costs and will continue to see annual savings.” — Jill Hardesty, Controller C&S Machine Products, Inc.
  • “Since we do not have a staff member dedicated with knowledge of the latest state tax laws and distribution charges, TTG decided to engage Tenurgy. Confirming our bills were correct was as important to us as identifying savings and refunds…I am confident, based on the savings we have already received, that TTG will realize $15,000 or more in annual savings, which would have otherwise been left on the table instead of on our bottom line…Our current business environment is full of challenges and the savings realized by Tenurgy will be well utilized in other areas of our business.” — Tyson Stoll, General Manager TTG Automation
  • “It’s risk free. You will never pay a dime for the service unless you have first realized savings, so nothing will ever come out of pocket.” — Lindsay Fulton, Michigan Chamber Services
  • “Almost 90% of this work was done over the phone with very little time on our end, and significantly reduced our budget for the next 36 months.” — Vicky Wille, AG Business Solutions
  • “Our business involves many utility accounts and is extremely difficult to monitor all monthly billings for accuracy. The analysis was executed with very little involvement from our staff which allowed us to remain focused on our clients.” — Tom Binder, Chief Financial Officer, LaBelle Management

START SAVING with Tenurgy. And, sleep well at night knowing that your company is running smoothly, efficiently and saving you as much money as possible. “Our Zero Risk FactorTM process starts with a simple call,” Harrington adds. What are you waiting for?