NEW Savings & Refunds Calculator

Monitoring utility bills may seem time consuming, but with Tenurgy’s new Savings & Refunds Calculator, companies can quickly see their potential savings.

This initial step is easy…simply click on the Savings & Refunds Calculator, enter your estimated monthly expenses; then, you’ll see your potential savings, and we’ll email a summary. It really is that simple!

Like what you see on the summary? This is where Tenurgy’s professionals can help. After providing a few pieces of information about your company, you can initiate an Operating Cost & Expense Reduction Review (utility bill audit), a review of an organization’s utility invoices including electric, gas, water/sewer, waste, and even telecommunications. Tenurgy audits also review over 30 additional but obscure utility details for even more saving opportunities.

All this, and it’s risk-free with no cost to initiate.

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