Why Hire a Utility Auditing Firm?

Why Tenurgy?

Company accounting departments ensure that bills are paid on time, receivables are managed, payroll is coordinated, budgets are monitored, and so many more responsibilities. How many actually have the time to compare utility invoices and usage from month-to-month or from year-to-year. How many critically look at each and every charge or understand the verbiage explaining these expenses?

Utility bills can be confusing with terms like Meter Constant, Correction Factor, Reservation Charge, Max KW, Gas Cost Recovery, and Power Factor.

Daily operations need to run smoothly. Taking time to train an employee to fully understand and monitor utility bills — gas, electric, telecom, waste, water, sewer — is expensive and impacts the whole company. Disrupt one piece of the puzzle, most likely disarray and disorganization are sure to appear in even the strongest of companies. Relying on professionals with in-depth utility billing knowledge saves companies internal resources and money.


According to one study,
“4 out of 5 commercial or industrial customers are OVER BILLED by the utility at some point.”


With nearly 20 years of utility and telecom auditing experience, Tenurgy specializes in finding hidden expenses, successfully helping 90% of clients realize annual utility savings.

Tenurgy’s professional auditors scrutinize utility billing every single day. This eliminates the need for companies to divert attention from everyday tasks or hire a dedicated employee to monitor utilities.

Coupled with long-standing utility company relationships, Tenurgy’s service and expertise provides a comprehensive utility audit with little time on the client’s part. For the majority of their clients, this can result in tens of thousands of dollars.

“The entire process has been valuable and on point as described from our first conversation. Tenurgy’s team is thorough with excellent attention to detail. The dilligence and effectiveness in resolving some of our challenges has been impressive as well as insightful.” — Tim Dooling, JACKSON NATIONAL LIFE.

The question shouldn’t be “Why Tenurgy?” Ask yourself, “Why wait?” NO business interruption. NO out-of-pocket expenses. ZERO risk.

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