Letter of Recommendation: Car-Graph Inc.

To Whom It May Concern,

At Car-Graph, Inc. we are specialists in manufacturing carbon-graphite components for primarily the aerospace industry. In 2021, we reached out to Tenurgy to help us find potential savings in our utility bills. Tenurgy, as a leading utility bill audit firm, came highly recommended for their work with Ford Field.

Our audit experience with them was remarkable. Tenurgy identified a $50,000 in refund along with tens of thousands in annual savings in the years to come. True to their promises, there was no risk to our company and the remote audit process was simple. Aside from the savings, the best part was it took very little time and resources on our end!

Any aerospace company or manufacturing firm should take advantage of Tenurgy’s risk free utility audit. It will help your bottom line.

Brandon Fitzpatrick
General Manager
Car-Graph, Inc.