AG Business Solutions

To Whom It May Concern,

Tenurgy first contacted us by phone. John Watson gave a detailed verbal
presentation of how Tenurgy could assist in finding us savings, credits and
refunds by reviewing just one invoice combined with a letter of
Alter a meeting with our executive committee we decided to move forward
with the study. On August 16 we signed the necessary documents, copied
one invoice from each provider, scanned and emailed everything to Tenurgy.
On September 17 John Watson and Michael Harrington (President of
Tenurgy) presented us with a complete detailed summary including all the
supporting documentation to their findings. Tenurgy was able to identify a
refund of nearly $30,000 and areas of savings that total over $27,000
annually. AG Business Solutions activated the recommendations and
currently is realizing monthly savings.
Almost 90% of this work was done over the phone with very little time on
our end, and significantly reduced our budget for the next 36 months. We
would highly recommend Tenurgy to any company looking to increase their
bottom line profits.

Vicky Wille