Letter of Recommendation: Schlegel Sand & Gravel

To Whom It May Concern,

Schlegel Sand & Gravel is the preferred aggregate supplier for the Greater Lansing, Ml area. Our family-owned aggregate business offers stone, gravel, soil, fill products, and recycled materials and has grown to offer nine pit locations.

As we have grown, The Michigan Aggregates Association has always been a resource for us. Through the membership, we were told of Tenurgy’s utility bill audit service. Several other members had taken advantage of their risk-free services and found the results to be fiscally rewarding as well as educational.

Tenurgy performed their audit, provided us with a savings summary, and walked us through each opportunity. We received a small refund and peace of mind that Schlegel Sand & Gravel wasn’t significantly overpaying for our utilities.

They’ve been great to work with and we now not only have the Michigan Aggregates Association, but Tenurgy, to rely on as a resource for areas outside our expertise.

Mark Schlegel
Vice President
Schlegel Sand & Gravel