Tenurgy Recognized by the Michigan Chamber: Partnership Saves Members $1,000,000s in Utility Expenses

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce has featured Michigan-based Tenurgy in a series of Member Spotlights. The spotlight highlights “extraordinary members who were forced to retool, reimagine and reevaluate how they operated during unprecedented times.”

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce is Michigan’s leading statewide business advocacy organization. According to michamber.com, “the Michigan Chamber of Commerce is on the job every day, standing up for job providers in the legislative, political and legal process.” The organization is comprised of approximately 5,000 members from businesses large and small, from trade associates to local chambers.

With nearly 15 years of utility and telecom auditing experience, Tenurgy specializes in finding hidden utility expenses and errors. Following analysis of electric, gas, water, sewer, waste and telecom for thousands of companies, Tenurgy has successfully helped 90% of clients realize annual savings.

“We began a partnership with Tenurgy in 2013 after first utilizing their utility bill auditing service,” shares Rich Studley, president and CEO of the Michigan Chamber.

“After realizing savings ourselves, we saw a huge opportunity to bring this type of service to other businesses here in Michigan. We found value in focusing strictly on billing analysis and capitalizing on Tenurgy’s ability to communicate and negotiate with multiple utility companies. They bring distinctive expertise in uncovering billing errors for immediate savings opportunities, while discovering, negotiating and recovering past overpayments.”

“We are in the business of protecting, connecting and strengthening member businesses,” explains Studley. “We had members that were struggling due to the pandemic, so we connected them to Tenurgy.” The Member Spotlight is one way the Michigan Chamber is reaching its constituents to bring awareness to services that have been vetted and found of great benefit.”

Through the partnership, there are no upfront fees for companies who engage with Tenurgy. And, Tenurgy is only compensated when they find a utility refund, credit or savings.

“Businesses are in trouble these days, and 2020 statewide lockdowns devastated many in Michigan. Some have been forced to close, while others have retooled, re-imagined and reevaluated operating expenses,” states Mike Harrington, president and CEO of Tenurgy.

“Collectively, Tenurgy and the Michigan Chamber have saved companies over $1,000,000 just by reviewing their utility bills,” Harrington adds. “Without a doubt, the Michigan Chamber has been instrumental in connecting us with members that need our services, and quite frankly needed our help,” adds Harrington.

For more information about Tenurgy, visit tenurgy.com or call 844-836-8749. To learn about the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, visit michamber.com or call 800-748-0266.