Letter of Recommendation: Pleasant View

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter as a recommendation for the services provided by Tenurgy. Being in the healthcare field, understanding our utility bills was not a main area of focus for us. With our new facility being just over 18 months old, we felt it was a great time to bring in Tenurgy for a thorough review.

Once we submitted all the necessary documents, Tenurgy did the rest and provided a detailed summary with their findings. They were able to find Pleasant View Shiawassee County Medical Care Facility over $30,000 in annual savings and walked us through implementing each of the savings.

On top of the review, Tenurgy has also been there for any additional questions we’ve had regarding our accounts. Overall, we have had a great experience and highly recommend Tenurgy to anyone interested in a utility review.


Shana Espinoza
Pleasant View Shiawassee County Medical Care Facility