Henry Ford College had a refund of over $27,000 and saved $50,000 on telecom expenses thanks to a Tenurgy utility bill audit.

Letter of Recommendation: Henry Ford College

To Whom It May Concern,

Tenurgy was contracted by Henry Ford College to perform a utility billing audit. The entire process took just over two months and all that was required from us was one month of utility bills and a letter of authorization.

During the initial audit period Tenurgy’s team identified an AT&T billing error dating back to 2008. They brought this matter to our attention immediately, as it resulted in a refund of over $27,000. As they continued to work on our audit, additional telecom savings of $50,000 were identified.

Along with the telecom savings, Tenurgy reviewed our remaining utility invoices and was able to locate $25,000 in annual savings with our DTE Energy accounts.

We are thrilled to have formed a relationship with Tenurgy and are confident we are in good hands with their help.

John Satkowski,
Vice President of Financial Services
Henry Ford College