Letter of Recommendation: Flint YMCA

To whom this may concern:

The YMCA of Greater Flint supports programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. As a non-profit organization, every dollar is important. And every dollar spent on operating expenses affects program offerings.

Being cost-conscious, we were monitoring our bills and costs and noticed increases that we couldn’t figure out on our own. Despite calls with the energy companies and hours spent analyzing bills, we didn’t feel confident that our bills were correct. We knew we didn’t have the staff power or the knowledge to analyze the over 40 bills we received monthly, so after some research we learned of Tenurgy through the Michigan Chamber of Commerce’s Business Solutions Program. In an effort to confirm we were being cost conscience and that our utility invoices were billing correctly, we began to work with Tenurgy to perform a utility bill review.

Within a few weeks, we had a detailed report highlighting several opportunities to save money. Tenurgy’s team walked us through each of the items and worked tirelessly to make sure that each savings opportunity was implemented correctly. Most importantly, our Tenurgy experience resulted in $25,000 worth of improvement on our bottom line.

We definitely recommend Tenurgy’s Risk Free utility audit. It allowed the YMCA of Greater Flint to confirm that our utility expenses were valid and I can say with confidence that the $25,000 saved will be better used to support our overall mission.

Janet Tweddle
Chief Operating Officer