Letter of Recommendation: Delta Dental

To Whom It May Concern,

I would highly recommend the services that Tenurgy provides in the area of utility savings and refunds. I first became aware of Tenurgy’s program though the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, who opened the door to this partnership in savings.

After an initial phone call and meeting with Tenurgy, their team of experts went to work on the audit process, which required minimal effort on our end. To our pleasant surprise, over $450,000 in utility refunds were discovered and delivered. We are now learning of over 30% savings in our telecommunications services moving forward.

It is reassuring knowing that the Tenurgy team will continue to monitor our future utility and telecom programs, providing us the peace of mind that we will always have the optimal programs in place in this complex and ever-changing market.

Goran Jurkovic, CPA, CGMA
Senior Vice President
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Risk Officer
Delta Dental