Danville Community School Corporation Recommends Tenurgy

To Whom It May Concern:

Danville Community Schools Corporation began working with Tenurgy in fall 2020 in an effort to confirm if our utility billings were accurate and to ensure we weren’t overpaying on one of our larger expenses. Tenurgy told me that the process would be easy and without risk, and I found that to be true.

With a current copy of our utility bills and a letter of authorization, the audit team had all they needed. A few weeks later we had an in-depth analysis of our utility expenses. While Tenurgy wasn’t able to identify significant savings or refund opportunities for us, it is great to know we have not been overcharged on our utilities. 

I would highly recommend that any school corporation or organization with significant utility expenditures consider using their services. You will not be disappointed.  

Matthew Parkinson
Chief Financial Officer
Danville Community Schools Corporation