Michigan Chamber and Tenurgy partnership

Tenurgy and Michigan Chamber partner to bring businesses huge savings – Are there similar savings for you?

“We were first a client ourselves and realized annual savings. We saw a huge need to bring this type of service to other businesses we represent and lobby for at the capital. Tenurgy only gets paid if they find refunds, credits or savings for you. They examine not only electric and gas, but also telecom, cellular, internet, water, sewage, and waste removal.

We highly value this program for two reasons –
1. It’s risk free. You will never pay a dime for the service unless you have first realized savings, so nothing will ever come out of pocket.

2. We’ve simplified this process so that businesses like yours don’t have to devote employee time to drawn out meetings or lengthy audits. The only work required on your end would be to provide us with one month’s worth of each utility bill mentioned above and complete a simple Letter of Authorization and consulting agreement.”