Concerned about your utility expenses?

Tenurgy, a Michigan-based
utility and telecom expense management firm,
has a simple solution to save you money
with a no-cost obligation.

Curious how to take the first step in utility bill savings? Start with a Utility Billing Audit, a comprehensive review of an organization’s utility invoices such as electric, gas, water/sewer and waste. Getting started is the simple part. Tenurgy will provide the expertise to review contracts and billing history going back 12 to 18 months, auditing rates and tariffs to help recover over payments in the form of credits and refunds. Tenurgy will even negotiate with current vendors for future savings! Are you afraid of the time commitment? Tenurgy will complete this audit within six to eight weeks following receipt of the two documents needed to start the process and copies of last month’s utility bills.

Why take this step to savings? Michael Harrington, President of Tenurgy, explains, “Utilities are one of a company’s top three operating expenses. Over-billing happens because of things like meter changes, multiple tariffs, thousands of invoices, and accuracy of inventory and consumption. Customers can’t keep up with all the things that can affect billing. And, our certified auditors take this burden off the client, so they can focus on their everyday responsibilities.”

So, stop stressing each month about utility charges, and let Tenurgy start your company on the way to savings today…it’s that simple.


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