Are You Overpaying for Natural Gas or Electricity? Find Out About These 4 Costly Mistakes

Overpaying for Natural Gas

If you’re like most businesses, if the utility bills are in line with the month before or within the YTD budget, the bill is paid without much scrutiny. However, this standard method of approving utility bills can lead to spending more on excess charges. Commercial natural gas bills, electric bills, and other types of utilities may be overcharged.

So, how do these excess charges happen? It’s usually not one single mistake but a combination of multiple factors. Let’s take a closer look at some common causes of extra costs:

  1. Wrong Tariff: Natural gas and electric companies often have different rates and tariffs. Sometimes businesses are charged the wrong plan for the current load profile. This mistake can cost you a lot of money, so double-checking your company’s rate/tariff is essential.
  2. Faulty Meters or Incorrect Meter Readings: Gas meters let the utility company know exactly how much natural gas you’re using, so they can charge you accordingly. However, sometimes the amount on the meter is different, which can lead to incorrect billing. Faulty meters are not infallible and can affect any utility that uses them.
  3. Human Error: Most utility businesses are moving away from paper-based billing systems, but many human mistakes might impact your utility bill. If you have a large organization with a complex natural gas bill, the chances for human error to creep in are even more significant.
  4. Power Supply Cost Recovery, Gas Cost Recovery, and Surcharges: Most of these charges on the bill fluctuate monthly or quarterly. It is important to verify that all of the charges on the utility bill that utility bill charges that fluctuate invoice correctly. A billing error on any one of these items can add up quickly.

The good news is that you don’t have to accept these excess charges. A utility audit can help you identify hidden line items, improperly applied rate discounts, and any errors made by machines or humans. This type of audit often exposes a substantial amount of wasted money towards unnecessary utility expenses.

At Tenurgy, we specialize in utility audits for commercial natural gas bills and other utilities. Our audit process is a no-risk solution to ensure you pay less for your utilities than you should. Chassix, an automotive manufacturer, had a Tenurgy utility audit, saved $140,000 on their natural gas bill, and received $350,000 in refunds. We have a highly successful track record of saving clients money, so make yours the next business we help. Schedule an audit today to determine how much you can save on utility bills.