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Choose a company logo to read their complete testimonial of Tenurgy.

  • Shape Corp.

    Tenurgy's initial audit results produced a sizeable refund along with annual savings over current expenses for Shape Corp, one of the largest manufacturing companies in Grand Haven, MI.

  • Chassix

    Tenurgy's utility audit identified over $500,000 in utility refunds and savings opportunities. I would highly recommend their services to other purchasing managers and companies.

  • Arvco Container Corp.

    Arvco Container Corporation was referred to Tenurgy by one of their customers. Realizing there was no upfront expenses, they ended up saving more than 25% on their utilities.

  • Root-Lowell Manufacturing Co.

    Root-Lowell Manufacturing Co. received a refund on natural gas and are now realizing electric savings of over 14%.

  • W-Industries

    W Industries received a small natural gas refund and is estimated to save $100,000+ on natural gas, electricity and telecommunications in 2009 and beyond.

  • Shoreline Fruit

    Tenurgy was able to deliver savings on our utility cost as well as refunds paid on our utilities paid in the past.

  • Shoreline Fruit Follow Up

    Thank you for the great service of the last 3 years.

  • Foamade Industries

    Despite the clients excellent record keeping of their utility bills, Tenurgy was able to uncover a $30,000 billing error.

  • Avalon & Tahoe Mfg., Inc

    Tenurgy quickly identified areas of savings and refunds and walked this client through several areas where they were able to reduce their rates.

  • Metal Processing Corporation

    MPC was introduced to one of Tenurgy's representatives at an Association of Steel Distributors Regional meeting. They engaged Tenurgy shortly thereafter.Tenurgy uncovered billing errors that identified significant refunds and future annual savings.

  • The Oakwood Group

    The Oakwood group had just had their utility bill reviewed by a vendor who promised them big savings. It was agreed that Tenurgy should do a second audit.

  • Concept Industries

    $25,000 in refunds were identified within two weeks. An in depth review found future savings in excess of $200,000.

  • Olon

    Tenurgy helped Olon secure over $40,000 in refunds and cost savings, along with ongoing cost savings.

  • Munters

    Munters decided to call up some of the Tenurgy references after the first presentation. They were so pleased with the responses that they decided to sign on.

  • Glassmaster Controls

    Tenurgy presented Glassmaster Controls with savings and credits that will change their utility spend by 18% yearly.

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