Prepared for Winter Expenses?

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful,” may perfectly describe this time of year. But, utility bills shouldn’t have the same stigma. It’s no secret that utility usage rises during the colder months. For most businesses, winter means an increase in heating expenses. Plus, estimated vs actual billing, potential human error, price hikes, address errors, and faulty meters […]

A Business Can Never Be Too Prepared for Winter Expenses Tenurgy Utility Savings and Refund Experts (1)



Preparing for Winter Expenses

Cooler days and earlier evenings have made their way to Michigan. Soon employees will be wearing coats, boots, and holding their mugs of coffee to stay toasty warm. With winter around the corner, space heaters will be turned on under the desk, and thermostats cranked up. This means an increase in heating expenses for all businesses. Now[…]