Mann+Hummel Recommends Tenurgy: Over $350,000 in Utility Savings Uncovered

To whom it may concern: Mann+Hummel first learned of Tenurgy’s utility auditing services through the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. Completely complimentary, we had Tenurgy review our Michigan and Tennessee plants. By using one month of utility bills and a letter of authorization, Tenurgy was able to pull all the necessary data and begin analyzing our utility bills. […]



Letter of Recommendation: Polyply Composites

To whom it may concern: I would certainly recommend the services of Tenurgy to any company in a Manufacturing or Industrial Processing business. Tenurgy’s Zero Risk Factor™ utility bill analysis has Polyply Composites on track to save approximately $30,000 annually. Having Tenurgy perform a utility bill audit allowed us to implement cost reductions in certain areas as[…]