Letter of Recommendation: Car-Graph Inc.

To Whom It May Concern, At Car-Graph, Inc. we are specialists in manufacturing carbon-graphite components for primarily the aerospace industry. In 2021, we reached out to Tenurgy to help us find potential savings in our utility bills. Tenurgy, as a leading utility bill audit firm, came highly recommended for their work with Ford Field. Our audit experience with […]

Khorporate Holdings Recommends Tenurgy



Indiana-based Khorporate Holdings Recommends Tenurgy

To Whom It May Concern, Khorporate Holdings, Inc. is a family-owned corporation based in Northern Indiana. We were first approached by Tenurgy, through one of our subsidiaries, to have a utility bill review performed. Tenurgy’s team was confident they would be able to help identify billing errors, overpayments, and areas in which to save money.   Since they[…]

Utility Savings for Michigan Microbrewery



Utility Savings for Michigan Microbrewery

Bottoms Up and Bottom Line: Utility Audit Equals Savings for Michigan Microbrewery A leader in sustainability efforts, Brewery Vivant of Grand Rapids is looking at everything from decreasing their carbon footprint and their bottom line. Smart businesses have a plan, and every smart plan should include a utility bill audit, the fine-tooth-comb process of rooting out errors,[…]