Ford Field

Overview Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions, came to Tenurgy looking for ways to further reduce their utility expenses after they received several awards for energy conservation and recycling efforts. Tenurgy was able to minimize the demand component of the bill behind DTE Energy. Ford Field has been receiving the benefits of Tenurgy’s efforts in the [...]



Shape Corp

Overview Shape Corp is one of the larger manufacturing companies in west Michigan. After our initial audit met their expectations, they requested Tenurgy to review a facility in Texas. As part of our ongoing audit process, we continued to monitor all the Shape Corp accounts and were able to make a second wave of savings recommendations due[...]



Delta Dental of Michigan

Overview Delta Dental of Michigan, a Lansing based insurance company, was introduced to Tenurgy through the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. The partnership uncovered a $450,000 billing error and a savings of 30% on telecommunications. Delta Dental's CFO, CRO Goran Jurkovic is quoted, "It is reassuring knowing that the Tenurgy team will continue to monitor our future utility[...]