School Systems

Overview In the past 10 years, over 200 school districts have realized $100,000s in annual utility savings. Were you one of them? If not, join this growing list of schools with annual utility, telecommunications, and waste/water savings. Proven Success Detroit Country Day School "One of the benefits of Tenurgy, even more so today, is they were able [...]



Lapeer County Medical Care Facility

Understanding Usage After rolling up our sleeves and digging in the trenches we were able to find a lucrative savings opportunity for Lapeer County Medical Care. First we determined their sewage utility was billing incorrectly. We followed the trail to the City of Lapeer where we determined the error was due to an upgrade in their billing[...]



Ford Field

Overview Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions, came to Tenurgy looking for ways to further reduce their utility expenses after they received several awards for energy conservation and recycling efforts. Tenurgy was able to minimize the demand component of the bill behind DTE Energy. Ford Field has been receiving the benefits of Tenurgy’s efforts in the[...]