Shape Corp is one of the larger manufacturing companies in west Michigan. After our initial audit met their expectations, they requested Tenurgy to review a facility in Texas. As part of our ongoing audit process, we continued to monitor all the Shape Corp accounts and were able to make a second wave of savings recommendations due to the fluctuating nature of tariffs. Today, Shape Corp saves roughly $150,000 a year by following Tenurgy’s recommendations. Read their full testimonial.


What we provided

  • Annual savings of $150,000 Electric
  • Tariff & Account Optimization
  • Discovery of Billing Error, Refund Opportunity
  • Usage Monitoring, Cost per kWh evaluation

How Much Can We Save Your Manufacturing Facility?

Tenurgy is a Michigan-based telecom and utility expense management firm with the ability to audit nationwide. Our company can help any business with significant utilities and telecom expenses, including natural gas, propane, electricity, deregulated gas or electric programs, water and sewer, trash removal and voice and data.

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