Letter of Recommendation: Michigan Chamber of Commerce

Dear Chamber Member,

We began a partnership with Tenurgy in 2013 after first utilizing their service. After realizing savings ourselves, we saw a huge opportunity to bring this type of service to other businesses here in Michigan.

We found value in focusing strictly on billing analysis and capitalizing on Tenurgy’s ability to communicate and negotiate with multiple utility companies. They bring expertise in uncovering billing errors for immediate savings opportunities, while discovering, negotiating and recovering past overpayments.

Through our partnership, there are no upfront fees as Tenurgy is only compensated when they find a refund, credit or savings for you. They examine more than just electric and gas too.

We highly value this program for two reasons:

  1. It’s no risk! You will never pay a dime for the service unless you have first realized savings, so nothing will ever come out-of-pocket.
  2. We’ve simplified this process so that businesses like yours don’t have to devote excessive employee time to long drawn-out meetings. The only work required on your end is to provide us with one month’s worth of each utility bill to be analyzed, a Letter of Authorization and Consulting Agreement.

We hope you find as much value in this program as we did ourselves!

Aimee L. Bahs

Senior Director, Business Solutions