Letter of Recommendation: Ludington Beverage Co., Inc.

Ludington Beverage Co., Inc. is saving money on utilities.
Read their recommendation to learn how simple the process will be for your company.


To Whom It May Concern,

Ludington Beverage has been proactive in reducing the utility consumption at our beverage distribution facility. Energy efficiency and equipment upgrades helped, but we were able to find additional savings through a utility bill audit.

With a current copy of our utility bills and a letter of authorization, the audit team had all they needed. A few weeks later, we had a detailed report outlining areas that could lead to savings opportunities. Once we decided to move forward with their recommendations, Tenurgy implemented on our behalf and continued to monitor our accounts to ensure we were receiving the best rates and billing correctly.

Tenurgy has been quick to respond to any questions and continues to offer assistance as needed. Their staff is very knowledgeable, and we recommend the utility bill audit services to any business looking for ways to save on their utilities.

Tad Reed
President, EAM
Ludington Beverage Company, Inc.