Khorporate Holdings Recommends Tenurgy

Indiana-based Khorporate Holdings Recommends Tenurgy

To Whom It May Concern,

Khorporate Holdings, Inc. is a family-owned corporation based in Northern Indiana. We were first approached by Tenurgy, through one of our subsidiaries, to have a utility bill review performed.

Tenurgy’s team was confident they would be able to help identify billing errors, overpayments, and areas in which to save money.   Since they offer their audit service with no up-front cost and risk-free, we decided to move forward.

Their audit process was easy, performed off site, and required very minimal staff time on our end. Tenurgy’s reports were thorough and each location had a unique savings opportunity, including a $35,000 refund.

In today’s uncertain economy, businesses should be looking for any advantages or opportunities to save. Khorporate Holdings, Inc. has enjoyed working with Tenurgy and would highly recommend their services.


Chief Financial Officer
Khorporate Holdings, Inc.