Utility Audit 101: Tenurgy Releases Educational Video

In an unpredictable world, control what you can. Start with a Tenurgy utility audit. Recent events have shown us that an informed, proactive approach to the health and safety of colleagues, friends, and families is vitally important. An informed, proactive approach works in business, as well. In this NEW VIDEO, Tenurgy shares how a worry-free, utility audit […]



Letter of Recommendation: Jackson National Life Insurance

To whom it may concern: Jackson National Life Insurance, founded in 1961, offers financial products, nationwide, for both the retail and institutional investor. With over $200 billion in assets and offices in Lansing, MI, Nashville, TN, and Chicago, IL, operational efficiency is key to our business success and competitiveness. Jackson is a large utility customer and internally[…]



Business MRI… What’s That?

A Tenurgy Operating Cost & Expense Reduction Review (or Utility Bill Audit) is similar to an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) of the body, though for business utility expenses. The Tenurgy audit process is simple and involves an in-depth review of what is likely one of a businesses largest fixed operating expenses: UTILITIES. Some¬†Tenurgy customers come aim to[…]