Health Alliance Plan (HAP)

HealthPlus was first introduced to Tenurgy by the Michigan Chamber of Commerce in an effort to help keep our utility costs low. Their utility audit was presented as a no cost service that would help identify areas in which we could save money on one of our larger expenses, our utility bills. Tenurgy did just that. They […]

Lowry Solutions

Lowry Solutions is the total solutions provider of enterprise mobility solutions. We work with our customers to reduce expenses and increase business efficiency through data collection and technology. I began to look at how we could improve our own business and decided to utilize one of the programs available to us through the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.[…]

Michigan Chamber Services

We saw a huge need to bring this type of service to other businesses we represent and lobby for at the capital. We began a partnership that allows us to focus strictly on billing analysis and not align with any one supplier, but rather have relationships and the ability to negotiate with many utility companies. Tenurgy brings[…]