Back to Business Check List

Fall is a season full of change. For parents of school-age children, it’s also full of lists. Who doesn’t remember checking off those little boxes for each school supply guaranteed to create a successful student and school year? As an educational institution, surely you have a back-to-business checklist, too?

  • Faculty in place? Check.
  • Classrooms in order? Check.
  • Contracts signed? Check.
  • Utilities in line? Wait, what? For most school systems, most annual tasks are met each year without question. Teachers are geared up for another round of students, classrooms are newly decorated, and doors open promptly at 8:15am each morning. But, who is monitoring the utility bills?

Take the first step with a Tenurgy Operating Cost & Expense Reduction Review (utility bill audit). With nearly 15 years of utility and telecom auditing experience, Tenurgy specializes in helping clients find savings and refunds in everything from electric to waste. Tenurgy has successfully helped over 200 schools realize annual savings upwards of $100,000. And, there’s a Zero Risk FactorTM with absolutely no charge and zero expense if extensive analysis does not uncover savings or refunds. Furthermore, the process is hassle-free with little time on your part. That’s a promise.

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