Tenurgy Brings Their “A” Game!

Getting a school district ready for students each year is a full time year-round job.  Many administrators say they Wear Too Many Hats and can often be found performing tasks like:

  • Evaluating Curriculum
  • Recruit, Hire, and Train Staff
  • Communicate with Families and the District
  • Meet with Local, State, and Federal Agencies
  • Monitor Financial Affairs like Budgets, Purchasing, and Utilities

Administrators know that attention to detail can make a huge difference in how well a district operates.  At Tenurgy, we pay attention to the details on your utility bills!  Our utility bill audits have successfully helped over 200 schools realize annual savings upwards of $100,000.

What Administrators like about Tenurgy?

  • Different from an Energy Audit – We are not looking to cut consumption or sell you new equipment.
  • No Upfront Cost – Tenurgy’s report is provided with no upfront cost and we are ONLY compensated when the district realizes savings.
  • Hassle Free Process – Our audits are performed using one month’s worth of bills and are performed offsite.