Auto Dealerships Can Save with a Utility Audit

Auto Dealerships Can Save with a Utility Audit

Auto Dealerships can save with an energy bill audit. Automobile dealerships consume a significant amount of electricity, primarily for showroom lighting, security systems, HVAC, office equipment, auto repair tools, car wash equipment, and compressors. These services and products are essential to the dealership’s operations, making it challenging to reduce energy usage to save money. However, building energy-efficient facilities and using energy-efficient equipment can help reduce electricity costs. Despite many efforts to use less, there are still methods to explore than can minimize energy expenses.

Auto Dealership Energy Usage

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, automobile dealerships are an energy-intensive industry, with facilities consuming about 110 kBTU per square foot, A_Dealer_Guide_to_ENERGY_STAR.pdf ( compared to prime office space at 93 kBTU. That amount can add up to thousands of dollars in water, waste, and energy costs for the typical dealership each year. However, the amount spent on electric bills can vary greatly depending on factors such as the dealership’s size, location, and the energy efficiency of the building and its electrical systems.

Auto Dealership Energy Bill Audit

Energy providers typically expect consumers to monitor their billing and invoices for errors. Most car dealerships would benefit from a specialized department to handle electric procurement and invoice auditing, but can’t justify the expense of a designated team of employees to review utility bills. One solution is to work with a third-party provider like Tenurgy, which offers an energy bill audit service. During the audit, Tenurgy’s team of experts will review all utility invoices and contracts to identify potential savings for the dealership. Business owners will also benefit from refunds by identifying errors, overcharges, and other mistakes that may appear on monthly statements, which can be challenging to spot due to the complexity of invoices.

The audit will also review energy tariffs to ensure they are correct and offer the lowest prices. The audit is not focused on minimizing usage, as this often comes with expensive upfront costs. Instead, Tenurgy offers billing audits with no upfront costs.

An energy bill audit aims to lower an auto dealership’s utility bill by utilizing the following three methods:

  1. Identifying and correcting overcharges, billing errors, and unauthorized fees on past and current invoices.
  2. Qualifying for the correct utility tariffs by understanding the tariffs and identifying the most suitable tariff and riders for the dealership based on load profile. Working with the analysts at Tenurgy can provide the dealership with valuable industry insight on nationwide pricing data to ensure that the dealerships are not overpaying, as well as expert help in understanding and navigating the complex utility tariffs, which will ultimately help lower the monthly electricity costs.
  3. Negotiating better energy rates by determining if the dealership operates in a regulated or deregulated market and comparing current rates with other dealerships in the area

Zeigler Auto Group Testimonial

“Zeigler Auto Group first started work with Tenurgy to review our Michigan dealerships, which delivered nearly $20,000 in annual savings.

Based on the success and ease of the first audit, we decided to bring Tenurgy back to perform another review in 2019. Our second audit resulted in $15,000 in annual savings. With everything done offsite with just one month of invoices and a letter of authorization, we were able to include several of our newer out-of-state locations to be included as well.”

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Reduce Your Auto Dealership’s Utility Expenses

Utilities are a top operating expense. Tenurgy scrutinizes utility bills to help companies save money. We have made it our business to ensure our customers receive the most competitive pricing options, optimize rate structures, and spend less on energy costs.

Since there are no upfront costs for our services and nothing is mandated, with Tenurgy, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Thousands of companies in various industries realize savings on their utilities. Join the growing list of companies – contact Tenurgy to start your utility audit today.