Letter of Recommendation: Michigan Chamber of Commerce

Dear Chamber Member, We began a partnership with Tenurgy in 2013 after first utilizing their service. After realizing savings ourselves, we saw a huge opportunity to bring this type of service to other businesses here in Michigan. We found value in focusing strictly on billing analysis and capitalizing on Tenurgy’s ability to communicate and negotiate with multiple […]



Savings & Refunds Calculator

Monitoring utility bills may seem time consuming, but with Tenurgy’s Savings & Refunds Calculator, companies can quickly estimate their potential savings. Simply click on the Savings & Refunds Calculator, enter your estimated monthly expenses and you’ll see a summary of the potential savings. Like what you see on the summary? This is where Tenurgy’s professionals can help![…]



Natural Gas: What you don’t know can cost you.

Historically, natural gas has been safe, efficient, plentiful and under the right conditions, cost effective.  The current rise in commodities has many businesses reviewing costs associated with their natural gas usage. In most cases, you are free to choose the commodity supplier you want, but your utility company is under no obligation to give you the best[...]