A Water and Sewer Audit Could Lead to a BIG Refund

Each month a business receives several bills, two of which might be water and sewer. Over the last decade, water and sewer bills have surged, making this an expensive line item for many companies. Has your business had an increase in your monthly water and sewer bill? If so, start with a Tenurgy audit.

An audit of your water and sewer includes:

  • Validating services
  • Analyzing rates
  • Reviewing invoices for billing accuracy
  • Identifying unnecessary charges

A fair amount of money could be leaking out of your budget every month, unknowingly. With tighter budgets because of COVID-19, every dollar helps when it comes to a company’s bottom line. Let Tenurgy help tap into your potential saving and refunds by performing a water and sewer utility bill review today, at no cost or risk.

Lapeer County Medical Facility worked with Tenurgy to review its water and sewer bills and received a $100,000 refund for a sewage utility billing error.

“The entire process with Tenurgy was simple. There were no upfront costs and we only needed to provide one month’s worth of invoices along with a letter of authorization. Once Tenurgy identified the billing error, they were able to work quickly with the city to confirm the error, correct the account and request the refund – all on our behalf,” said Gary Easton, Administrator, Lapeer County Medical Care Facility.

Mistakes happen, but a Tenurgy utility bill review can discover the errors. Calculate your company’s potential savings today, or call Tenurgy at (844) 836-8749.

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