A Utility Bill Review Can Equal Savings and Refunds for School Districts

This year and next, school districts’ budgets will take a massive hit due to COVID-19. As their costs increase to cover remote learning, devices, new online curriculum, and more, their funds could be dwindling. Michael Griffith, a Senior Researcher and Policy Analyst at Learning Policy Network, recently reported on the loss of revenue for school districts, including a detailed list of added costs and a conservative assumption that public schools will see a 20% decrease in their budgets.

What can a school district do to combat the increased costs due to COVID-19? Start with a utility bill review. Just like with any budget, when times are tight, it’s time to review the bills to see where there might be unnecessary spending, overcharges, fees that can be waived, and contracts that can be negotiated for lower rates. School districts can’t cut back on staff or student services, but they can review their telecom expenses, for example, to determine if savings could be found.

School Districts Nationwide Realized $100,000 in Annual Utility Savings

Discovering any savings can significantly help a school district in several ways. Just think of what your school district could do with $120,000 annual savings on electric, natural gas, and telecommunication accounts. Detroit Country Day School had a remote audit with Tenurgy, and to their surprise, they realized $120,000 in savings.

Tenurgy has helped hundreds of school districts over the last 10 years save and receive refunds on their utility bills. Holton Public schools received a $40,000 refund with no upfront costs or fees. As Kurt Jefferies, Holton Public Schools Facilities Director, said, “We had nothing to lose because Tenurgy only gets paid if we realize savings.”

Calculate your school district’s potential savings today, or call Tenurgy at (844) 836-8749.

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