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  • Belding Area Schools

    Tenurgy's staff is very knowledgable and helped us realize substantial savings on our utility bills. The whole experience has been beneficial for Belding Area Schools.

  • Eastern Michigan University

    We are on track to save $300,000 to $350,000 annually. Tenurgy's audit was comprehensive and allowed us to immediately realize the benefits with little effort on our end.

  • Henry Ford College

    We are thrilled to have found a relationship with Tenurgy and confident we are in good hands.

  • Holton Public Schools

    Tenurgy found incorrect billing on the utility accounts which dated back over ten years. The refund alone totaled over $40,000, and Tenurgy continue to monitor their accounts for future savings.

  • Gull Lake Community Schools

    Gull Lake Commmunity Schools were very impressed by Tenurgy's knowhow, network and continuing monitoring of their bills.

  • Petoskey Public Schools

    Tenurgy solved problems the School District's staff had been unsuccessful in resolving for a couple of years. The ongoing savings will save the Disctrict thousands annually.

  • Brighton Area Schools

    No significant savings were found for the Brighton Area Schools, but the district gained tremendous piece of mind by going through the audit process to discover this fact.

  • School District of the City of River Rouge

    The School District of the City of River Rouge saw savings and refunds in both electric and natural gas, and Tenurgy is also working on a refund from AT&T.

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