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Tenurgy president meets Newt Gingrich as a guest speaker for the annual National Health Investors Symposium and attracts attention with his utility billing management solution.

 Michael Harrington, founder and president of Tenurgy, a Michigan based Utility and Telecommunications expense Management Company was a guest speaker at the recent National Health Investors, Inc symposium in Nashville, Tennessee. NHI (NYSE:NHI) is a Tennessee based real estate investment trust specializing in senior housing and medical investments.

“These health care establishments are very focused on their utility, telecom, and waste management costs. They realize if they can reduce these costs with a complete audit by the Tenurgy experts scrutinizing billings for overcharges, erroneous billing etc., they have improved their bottom line via refunds and credits from these vendors”.

Tenurgy and Michigan Chamber partner to bring businesses huge savings - Are there similar savings for you?

  "We were first a client ourselves and realized annual savings. We saw a huge need to bring this type of service to other businesses we represent and lobby for at the capital. Tenurgy only gets paid if they find refunds, credits or savings for you. They examine not only electric and gas, but also telecom, cellular, internet, water, sewage, and waste removal.

We highly value this program for two reasons –
1. It’s risk free. You will never pay a dime for the service unless you have first realized savings, so nothing will ever come out of pocket.

2. We’ve simplified this process so that businesses like yours don’t have to devote employee time to drawn out meetings or lengthy audits. The only work required on your end would be to provide us with one month’s worth of each utility bill mentioned above and complete a simple Letter of Authorization and consulting agreement." 

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 Michigan Chamber Services: Energy Audit vs Utility Audit 

Read and print this PDF detailing the difference between an energy audit and utility bill audit;

• The energy audit is an assessment of the energy needs and efficiency of a building-how the energy is being consumed

• A utility bill audit is an audit of the bills themselves. 

It also covers three reasons businesses should conduct a utility bill audit, including;

1. There is always a chance there is something billing incorrectly. 

2. The bills are often difficult to read.

3. The rules, regulations and tariffs can be complex and several pages long. 

Submitted by Michael J. Harrington, President, Tenurgy – the Michigan Chamber’s partner in managing and reducing utility and telecom costs with real savings, refunds and credits. michamber.com/utility-savings


Michigan Entrepreneur Makes Money by Finding Utility Billing Mistakes.

WWJ Newsradio 950 is Detroit's only all-news radio station and is the leader in Detroit radio news. By Tom Tigani, Daily Dash contributing writer.

“Tenurgy helps by identifying billing errors, reviewing contracts and past bills, analyzing and negotiating with vendors, auditing rates and tariffs and quickly recovering overpayments in the form of credits or refunds.”