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Saving Thousands on Utility Costs!

Tenurgy is an acronym joining the words telecom and energy and well represents the company’s expertise and successes in finding refunds and credits for its clients. Utilities are often one of a company's top three monthly operating expenses. Invoices may contain significant errors from erroneous billing generated by the vendors and bills for services not ordered or already disconnected. The experts at Tenurgy are experienced in navigating the complex and ever-changing nature of utility and telecom expense management.

Tenurgy today is a company comprised of experienced auditors, analysts and energy experts who through their unique abilities and proprietary software have found savings and refunds totaling tens of millions of dollars. Their on-going negotiating for future savings adds even greater value. Additionally, Tenurgy’s Referral Partners and Marketing Representatives offer you a high degree of professionalism via their varied experience. The team’s members include attorneys, a CPA, former CEO, a number of successful business owners and other professionals who along with our Business Partners, play an integral role in helping you improve your bottom line!

Tenurgy's analysis can lead to significant financial recovery with real savings coming from monthly billing reviews and ongoing maintenance. Additional savings are realized from negotiating best-in-class contracts with the utilities, by identifying favorable rates as well as appropriate terms and conditions.

You have no obligation to pay Tenurgy if no refunds, credits and savings are received. Start saving today with a simple call,  (231) 347-8511.